Outdoor String Lights

Outdoor string lights for our backyard.

Outdoor String Lights

🕛 Time - 2 Hours
💵 Cost - $94.53




We had string lights in the back yard when we moved in, but they were secured with 1x1s attached to short 4x4s driven into the yard. In a heavy snow event this winter, they snapped and fell to the ground. Many of the lights broken and the strand was old enough where some of the fixtures actually broke from the cable. I opted for a new string of lights and better mounting system.

After removing the broken 1x1s, I attached 8-foot 4x4s to the existing 4x4 posts. From there, I could run the existing braided wire and string lights across the back yard.


I removed the existing broken 1x1s and attached the 4x4s with 6-inch FastenMaster screws. I pre-drilled a hole through the new post so I could just slide the screws through.

FastenMaster 6" Screw

We have two posts that run about 8 feet to the garage. On each side, there is a small twist lock carabiner run through a screw loop.

Screw Loop on 4x4
Screw Loop on Garage

I used a Rope Racket to attach the wire to one of the posts that was running through a tree. The Rope Racket allowed me to tighten the line as well as run through the tree without damaging it too much. I startled a bird that also startled me.

Rope Ratchet

Finally, I was able to hang the lights from the wire. I used black zip ties and made sure to secure each end of the line to prevent them from sliding on the wire.

The electrical socket isn't working on the outside of the garage, so I had to test by running into an interior outlet. That's a project for another day.