Red Oak Half Wall Cap

A red oak half wall cap for my sister's basement.

Red Oak Half Wall Cap
Red Oak Half Wall Cap

🕛 Time - 1 Hour
💵 Cost - $19.00



I sold my previous house to my sister and brother-in-law a few years ago and there were a few things left undone. As they begin the process of moving and selling the place, we have spent a lot of time sprucing it up before putting it on the market.

One small detail was a missing half wall cap next to the bar in the basement. I measured the half wall and bought a piece of red oak from Menards to finish and cover the stud. Much of the basement is a deep red color so this material matches the tone.

Undone Half Wall Cap

I used a Roman Ogee bit to edge the wood and give it a similar look to other finishings in the basement. I clamped the wood to my makeshift bench and routed along three sides. The fourth side is against the wall, so I did not edge it.

Router with Bit
Edging the Board

The end result turned out pretty well. I then hit it with some sandpaper (80, 120, 220 grit).

Next, I applied the wood stain to the piece using a rag. It gave it a really nice look.

Stain and Spar Urethane
Stained Red Oak

Finally, I applied three coats of spar urethane with a brush and installed at the house using a finish nail gun.

Red Oak Half Wall Cap